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So, you have some questions about investing?

We get it, investing can be confusing. Check out some of our frequently asked questions to help you understand better.

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We noticed that there was no easy way for beginner investors to enter the investment world without drowning in loads of confusing information. We wanted to make it easier for everyone by giving relevant information and access to leading educators and providers, all in one place.

We hope you enjoy using our website!

Investing is definitely something everyone should look into at any age. Even though noone is the same, a tailored investment plan can benefit most people and help them set up a more stable financial future.

There is an investment to suit everyone, it’s all about finding the right one for you.

Many people don’t believe they are in a position to start investing. Though your current position may be restrictive, it doesn’t mean you can’t take steps towards being able to invest in future.

Go to our Financial Health section to explore debt assistance and financial advisers to help get you on the right track!

Before you invest in anything, take some time to consider what you are investing for – what are your investment goals? You should also consider what kind of risk you are willing to take, and the timeframe for the investment. Always understand what you’re getting yourself into, so start educating yourself using our education sections today.

Also check out the Financial Health pages to get in touch with financial advisers for a personal check-up and strategy.

This depends on your personal investment plan and preference. In general, investors look for how the investment works, past performance and expected returns, is it a short or long-term investment, the risk involved, and the list goes on. Although there are so many things to consider, make sure the investment aligns with your overall investment goals.

Starting your investment journey doesn’t have to cost you a cent. You can start by educating yourself about your options, reviewing your personal goals and creating a savings/investment plan. You can even start trading on a risk-free demo account, which a complimentary feature offered by many brokers.

All investment options come with inherent risk, and generally cannot guarantee returns. Depending on your personal preference, you should decide on what level of risk you are comfortable with. You should never risk more than you are willing to lose.

This is really up to you. Generally speaking, you should only invest what you can afford to lose. The specifics should be reviewed with your financial adviser, in line with your investment goals.

You may have explored our website and realised there are different asset classes you can invest in. Within an asset class, there may also be a few options to choose from. Selecting a suitable option depends entirely on your personal preference and circumstance.

You can seek advice from a professional to help give you some guidance; see our Financial Health pages for more!

This depends on your knowledge, experience, time availability, and so on. Options exist for managing your own investments, if that’s what you would like, however you need to know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you might prefer to have someone else manage your investments for you.

We have a dedicated section you can check out under Auto & Managed Investments, as well as options in several other asset classes where experts can assist you.

It’s important not to venture into things you don’t understand. Educating yourself is something you won’t regret, and will help you make smarter choices when investing. Take advantage of our leading educators!

If you don’t want to learn yourself, or lack the time, you also have the option of looking into Auto & Managed Investing. This requires a lot less time and effort.

The risk of an investment can be seen as the likelihood of sustaining losses compared with the expected returns. Risk can include the possibility of losing some or all of your original investment.

Some asset classes are considered riskier than others. Make sure you assess the level of risk you are happy to accept, and DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Yes, it is possible to invest your super into many asset classes, such as property. Consider speaking with your financial institution or Self-Managed Super Fund specialist to discuss your options.

This term refers to managing your risk by spreading out your investments; basically, making sure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You can do this within a particular asset class or among different asset classes.

We are not an investment entity and do not provide financial advice, or manage any accounts. We are a comparison service that lets you see some of the options in the financial markets.

Our goal is to help you become an informed and educated investor.

We run solely on the referral commissions we receive after you pair up with one of our amazing investment providers. You will pay no premium on the price to accommodate our revenue, this comes from our Associates. In fact, sometimes we manage to get a cheaper deal for you. Enjoy!

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If you have taken the time to explore our website and still find that you’re stuck, maybe you should speak to an expert. Our Financial Health page can connect you with an experienced professional to help you take the next step.

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