Editorial Guidelines

Our Values

Our mission is to facilitate financial empowerment and make investing easy and accessible for the everyday person.

Our goal is to become a leading financial & investment comparison platform.

We are an ethics-driven company, bringing morals and values to the financial industry.

We are committed to creating a space where all users can feel safe and empowered on their financial journey, regardless of background, education and/or financial situation.

Our ethics driven approach required us to create objective, fair, accurate, digestible and reliable content for all users to access and utilise. Our ethics based approach to finance is what we believe sets us apart from our competitors.

This ethics-based approach can sometimes be inconvenient for the production of content, but its what makes us, us.


Our Independence

We utilise a shared monetisation system that allows third parties to post on our platform. As such, not all content published on C&I.com.au, including reviews, news, articles, and analysis represent our views. The opinions and views demonstrated within content provided by third parties are solely held by that third party, and not Compare and Invest. Wherever content has been provided by a third party on our website, we will ensure that we list this with an applicable disclaimer.

Even though sometime in the future we may introduce a remuneration structure that sees us paid for advertising and affiliate link referrals, our opinions and reviews cannot be bought or swayed by any third party. Re-reviews can be requested by third parties, but the outcome of said review is entirely based off of factual information present at the time of writing.

We do not alter our opinions or change factual information to benefit any third party for monetary exchange. Though we monetise this content, we will not alter factual information to generate more revenue, as this sheds its credibility, and goes against our values.

Though we facilitate the promotion and display of various investment options and financial tools/products, we have no financial interest or vested bias in these, unless otherwise mentioned.

Advertisers, Affiliates, providers, and partners have no control over the approval process for listing companies and other opportunities on our platform, that solely remains the responsibility of Compare and Invest. We will always reserve the right to reject information or opportunities from appearing on our platform.

All review-based content created by US will receive an amendment period if the review finds issues in the platform/company. This is to give affiliates & service providers time to amend and rectify the issues outlined. Failure to rectify noted concerns within the time period allowed will see the article/review untouched and published as is.

In the event that the content we publish on our platform will include negative opinions of a company, it is at our sole discretion to inform that company that this content will be published on our website.



As a content creator, publisher and distributor, it’s our core mission to provide factual and legitimately sourced information intended to provide our audience with the most accurate, factual and informative information available. Our aim is to, where possible, provide up to date and factual information through our content platform. Where information is not completely factual, or it’s use may carry financial risk on participants, we will aptly warn users. We will not compromise our reputation or position in the industry to provide biased information.

In the event that we make a mistake, or the content we have produced / that has been contributed does not accurately present the facts, we will take immediate action and rectify the issue(s), as soon as we’re made aware.



The goal of our content is to provide a factual portal for fact-finders to get reliable information to fuel their financial journey. Where content may carry our opinion, this will be noted. Any third-parties utilising our platform for their own content provision, will abide by our rules, but also reserve the right to their own opinion. Such pieces will be noted where applicable, before the main body of the article.

We take all responsible and required efforts to ensure that our content is safe for our readership. Any risks, inaccuracies and opinionated/biased content will be noted in the article, below the main body.

Our AFSL authorising body reviews applicable CompareAndInvest generated content prior to it being published. In some cases, we will engage in external aid to clarify the appropriateness and completeness of the facts being distributed. We reserve the right to follow best practice guidelines and post applicable articles.



Content is the cornerstone of our platform, and we invest in creating original content at every opportunity. Though this is our aim, we will not always produce 100% original content, and will at times talk about, or paraphrase the works of other thought-leaders in the spaces that we produce content for. In these scenarios, we will provide a full citation of the original provider and/or creator of such content, including a link back to their website. The creator of this content can have this removed from the platform by getting in touch with our editorial team.


Ease of use

The goal of our content is to inform users and aid them in their quest to achieve a better financial future. Though the focus of our content is toward the non-sophisticated investor, we don’t always produce content for this audience. Content that is specifically catered for sophisticated investors will be noted as such.

Any links to third-party websites will be internally reviewed before published on our website. You can be confident in the destination and motives of advertisers and reference material listed on our website.

Any user that is referred to a third party provider understands that from the point that they leave the Compare And Invest website, they are to deal with that provider directly. Any quells with the provider should be taken up with that provider, although you can report negligent providers via support, and they will face a formal review about the situation. At no point will Compare and Invest be liable, or be required to stand for or with any user that has had a negative experience with a provider listed on our platform.


Quality information, Not advice

Our mantra is quality information for all. We are focused on providing quality information, not giving advice (general or personal). Our focus is ‘setting the table straight’, and making sure that the user has access to quality information and services. At no time are we providing personal advice, and the user understands that they cannot refer to any information distributed or listed on our platform as financial or investment related advice. Any advice given to the user from our providers/partners is solely between the user and the partner, as is the liability. We facilitate the relationship, but we do not accept responsibility or liability for the advice given/received through the relationships that our platform creates.

Though we publish plenty of information and provide access to tools and other resources, we never position any of this as general or personal advice.

If any user, affiliate or partner has concerns with the content listed on the website, they can get in touch with our editorial team at privacy@compareandinvst.com.au to instigate a formal investigation into the matter.


Regulatory Notices

ACN 629 365 206 trading as Compare&Invest.com.au is independently owned and operated.

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